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**We Are Not Accepting Credit Card Offers at This Time**

*Signups are considered delivered after page one is submitted successfully. Our tracking software only tracks actions past the successful submission of page one. If your opportunity requires actions past page one submission, we cannot guarantee all delivered signups will convert.

How Does This Work?

We push over 2.5 million targeted advertisements, internet wide, each and everyday. Those viewers interested in our advertisements are taken to a link page containing over 20 links to similar programs. When users click on your link, they are taken to your website. Visitors to your website are not counted unless they signup for your program. Your link will continue to be shown in our network until you receive the amount of signups you purchased, GUARANTEED!

If a visitor clicks on a link for your opportunity through our system, they will be redirected to your website through our special tracking script. This script monitors the visitors progress through your site. If the visitor decides to sign up for your program, our script will capture the signup information and place a copy of this information on our server. This information is held as proof of delivery so that you can verify this lead once you login to your stats area.

Account Credit Commitment

We do not control the information registrants provide during registration and occasionally you may receive bad contact information.  If you find that some of your signups have provided undeliverable email addresses or disconnected phone numbers, simply contact our support department with a list of the names/emails as shown in our stats center and we will provide an account credit. We do not provide cash refunds for delivered signups.

Delivery Times

25 - 100 Signups Delivered Within 30 Days or Less (7-10 Days for Rush Orders)

101 - 250 Signups Delivered Within 45 Days or Less (14 - 20 Days for Rush Orders)

251+ Signups Delivered Within 60 Days or Less (20 - 30 Days for Rush Orders)

Package Options

Rush Delivery Package Options
*Rush delivery is only available for Biz/Income Opps at this time

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